You Are Unique

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YOU are Unique!

YOU have a purpose on this earth!
YOU don't have to be the same as everyone else!

It doesn't matter what your dreams or goals are, don't let another person decide whether you have the ability, strength or courage to achieve them.
We are all unique, my journey is not the same as your journey, my battles are not the same as your battles.


I sometimes wonder what is wrong with the world, why people have to take another persons dream or goal and destroy it for that person....the reason is almost always jealousy. Those spiteful comments people mutter about the fat girl jogging or how they believe someone is too dumb to achieve their goals or would rather point out the negative side rather than mention anything positive and supportive. You need to remember....These people are just jealous! The person that comments about the jogger is usually overweight or has never experienced what that person feels like and how much courage it took them to actually go for that jog. The person that thinks another is too dumb, is just secretely hoping that person will fail so that it makes them look good. And the person who only ever points out the negative things rather than positive just hates to see you smiling and removing the attention from them.
All too often I see people experience this when they make the decision to improve their lives and become a better version of themselves.
We wake up one day and decide we are ready to eat healthily and exercise, we want to live longer and enjoy the life we were given. So we go full steam and change our diets only to be knocked down by the haters and the jealous....the people that will tell us, what's the point in changing your diet or why are you eating that....and you really don't need to exercise that shouldn't do push ups as they can be dangerous or our family all eats this way so you need to do what we are all doing. If you have never experienced this then you are very lucky because I hear this sad story all too often.
My message to you if you want to succeed is that you have to fight through it!! It's not supposed to be hard, but you will meet people on your journey who make it their role to make it hard. You will never escape these people they are everywhere but if you choose to fight through it YOU WILL WIN.
You can achieve every goal you have ever set for your self because the only person you truly need to make it happen is yourself.
When you do find those few people that will help you and support you on your journey then stick to them like glue. If you are lucky enough to find a community of like minded people in a gym then go to whever you are happiest and GREAT GREAT things will happen.

Now the haters from my experience are gonna hate. They will tell you that you are obsessed and that you have changed too much. As the saying goes 'obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. These comments are driven by their loss of control over your life and jealousy over seeing you achieve something they themselves had maybe once dreamt of doing but were not successful.

Where you can, remove these people from your life...or at least distance yourself...harsh I know, but you will achieve so much more without them. Now some of them will come along for the journey with you which is fantastic, but sadly not everyone will.
At this point the time has come to do yourself a favour...decide what it is you want to achieve, what are your goals, and WRITE THEM DOWN!! If you don't know what you want how are you supposed to achieve it?

  • Do you want to.....
  • Run in a fun run?
  • Climb a mountain?
  • Ride a bike?
  • Learn to pole dance?
  • Complete a triathlon?
  • Lose 20kgs?
  • Sing in front of an audience?
  • Compete in a Body Building competition?

It really doesn't matter what your goal or dream is, define it and RUN after it.
For every negative comment you recieve PROVE THEM WRONG and use it to drive you to success.If you are told you can't run 5km...then run 10! If you are told you can't lose 10kg....then work your arse off (literally) and lose 20!
I know, I's hard....stop telling yourself the same old story, ow it is time to train your mind and tell yourself a new story....U CAN.....U WILL!
Stumble, jump, crawl over the hurdles that show up along the way but what ever you do don't crawl into a ball and just lay down in front of them defeated.
You don't have to be the same as everyone else, we were put here for a purpose, find your purpose and live the life you have always dreamt of!


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