16 Things you NEED to know to improve your health and lose weight

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16 Things you NEED to know to improve your health and lose weight.

This week I wanted to touch on basic health and nutrition and give you some simple guidelines to increasing your overall health, wellness, energy and vitality.
You see, I believe that exercise and nutrition fundamentally go hand in hand and are of equal importance. The food you eat produces energy and helps you rebuild and maintain the body. It also determines what you will look like.
Exercise is the bending, turning, stretching and building of our bodies and the catalyst that helps metabolise and utilise the food that we eat.

We are all walking billboards. If we are overweight and out of shape, lack vitality and lack
enthusiasm, we are telling the world on our billboard that "I don‘t care“.
On the other hand if you take care of your body by giving it proper nutrition and exercise you will exude vitality and enthusiasm.

Your billboard will read to the world "I have pride, I have discipline and I take care of my body, it‘s my moral obligation“.

To achieve health, you must focus your mind on health. See yourself as healthy, fit, and energetic NOW! 

Winners take full responsibility for everything that happens to them - even when those things seem remote and are not directly attributable to their actions.
To achieve superior health, you must take 100% responsibility.

The food you put in your body can be good or bad. It can be live vital food that builds live vital bodies, or it can be ’junk food' that contributes to abuse, neglect and decline of you physical condition.

If you can put the proper fuel in your car, surely you can put the proper fuel in your body because the food you eat today is walking and talking tomorrow.

This of course means watching what you eat and how much you eat. Some of you will probably know a lot of this, but how many are you practicing?
Confession time: This is one of my rare before pictures. Now while it was a few years ago now I am really please that by remembering some of the basic tips listed below I have

managed to keep my weight off and feel fantastic.Everyday brings a new journey I never used to dream was even possible.

I am proud of the hard work I have put in to achieve not just my weight loss but my new desire to enjoy life. I let the excuse of having children stop me from putting myself first for so long. My health deteriorated and I was pretty uncomfortable carry the extra weight around.

The day I decide to put myself first and lead by example for my children has turned out to be the greatest decision I have made.

If I can do it you can too!!!

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