Gluten Free Lactation Cookies

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Lactation Cookies

This recipe isn’t just for breastfeeding mums so don’t click away just yet ????

While these are called Lactation cookies and are often consumed by breastfeeding mums to assist in increasing milk supply they are also a nutrient dense biscuit packed with vitamins, minerals and protein due to it’s ingredients so the whole family can eat these not just mum ????

These cookies are dairy, nut and gluten free (if you choose gluten free oats)

Lactation cookies key ingredient is Brewers Yeast. This cannot be substituted for any other form of yeast. While this is the active ingredient to assist breast feeding mums this is also a super food your whole family will benefit from.

Did you know that Brewer’s Yeast can provide energy ad may help maintain healthy skin, hair, eyes and mouth. It may be effective at supporting the nervous system and enhancing the immune system. The chromium in brewer’s yeast may help control sugar levels for patients with type 2 diabetes by improving glucose tolerance.

It’s a rich source of:

  • chromium
  • protein
  • selenium
  • potassium
  • iron
  • zinc
  • magnesium

It is also a great source of B vitamins that provide:

  • thiamine (B-1)
  • riboflavin (B-2)
  • niacin (B-3)
  • pantothenic acid (B-5)
  • pyridoxine (B-6)
  • folic acid (B-9)
  • biotin (B-7)

On to the most important part….The Cookies ????


1 Cup of Millet Flour

½ cup Coconut Oil

¾ Cup Brown Sugar (you could substitute coconut sugar)

2 Tbls of Pumpkin Seed Meal

1 egg

2 tsp vanilla extract

1.5 tsp cinnamon

2 Tbls Brewers Yeast

Pinch of salt

1 & ½ cups of rolled oats

1/3 cup of dried cranberries

How to make them

  • Preheat oven to 180deg
  • In a large bowl mix together coconut oil and sugar
  • Add in egg and vanilla and mix well
  • Add in pumpkin seed meal plus 2 Tblsp of water
  • Add Cinnamon, Brewers Yeast, Salt and Millet Flour and Mix well
  • Stir in the oats and cranberries
  • Line a baking tray with baking paper.
  • Using a dessert spoon, scoop mixture and roll into a ball. Press lightly on tray
  • Cook for approx. 10-12 minutes until lightly browned depending on how crunchy you like your biscuit.
  • Share with the family and enjoy

*You could use choc chips instead of cranberries if you don’t like cranberries

*Makes approx. 19 cookies

Nutritional Value

137 calories per cookie

16.5g Carbs

7.4g Fat

5.6g Protein


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