Workout Wednesday

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Workout Wednesday - Wednesday 22nd May

We love to see people improve their health and wellbeing and to do that we need a combination of good nutritious food and combined with exercise.

Not everyone wants to join a gym, and some just don't have time due to family commitments and a busy work life. So we will be bringing you a workout every Wednesday to inspire you to try something different and to regain some fitness whether that's from your own loungeroom or you incorporate these workouts into your gym routine. also don't have to wait until Wednesday to complete them lol, they are an any day of the week kinda thing.


Tip: Record your time for the workout, then repeat this workout in 6 weeks time and see if your time has improved. This is the greatest way to see that your fitness is actually improving.

Good luck.

Reach out to us via Facebook if you have any questions or need help to modify the workout in any way :)


Our workout today was....

Set an 18minute timer:

Minute one complete as many star jumps as you can

Minute two complete as many tricep dips as you can

Minute three compelte 20 Lunges (alternating legs)


Tip: Don't go so hard you can't maintain the numbers in the workout for 18min. This may mean for round 1,2 and 3 you do as many reps as you can in 30 sec and then aim to maintain that number every minute following this eg; you achieve 25 Star Jumps in round one, aim to maintain 25 star jumps each round :)


Follow this link to you FREE Workout demo video




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