Workout Wednesday 17th July 2019

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Workout Wednesday

Every Wednesday we will release a workout you can do from home to help you stay fit and active.

Todays workout is.

16 min...As many rounds as possible

8 Deadlifts
10 DB Ground to overhead press
20 Jumps to a plate.

You can use DB's for the dealift or barbell if training in a gym. If you dont have a DB and your at home loads some cans of food from the kitchen cupboard into you reusable shopping bags and use those ????
Check out the demo video and ensure your soulders are back, and you have a nice straight back while completing the deadlift movement.
You can make this workout harder by jumping to a larger box if you like but given it lasts for 16min you wont need to do that to get a great workout. If you dont have a plate to jump too just find a small step.


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