Slow Cooker Heaven

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Slow Cooker Heaven

What more could you ask for other than a meal you can throw into one pot, switch it on and you return home from work and it is all cooked and ready to eat? The Slow Cooker, truly your best friend in Winter!! 

Ok, so there may be a tiny bit more work involved than just turning on the pot LOL. I won't lie there will be some chopping and stirring before you get to that point, but other than that you can just spend your day at work thinking about the amazing meal that will be waiting for you. 

I am addicted to both my Slow cooker and now my Pressure Cooker so was excited when I came across Sarah Wilson's Slow cooker Cookbook. So many of my current recipes feature honey and maple syrup in them so it was great to find some recipes that really had focused on cutting out the sugar (even natural sugars) without compromising flavour.

As I said I am addicted to my Pressure Cooker and so many of these recipes easily translate into the Pressure Cooker, saving you time yet giving you that same delicious slow cooked taste everyone loves.
If you haven't used a Slow cooker or Pressure Cooker yet...

A) Get yourself one, you won't regret it and;

B) check out the awesome recipes in this book. Click on the link in this post if you want to find out more about the book.
Do the waist line a favour and kick sugar to the curb. JERF...that is all

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