Power Switch - Pre workout - By Switch Nutrition

Power Switch - Pre workout - By Switch Nutrition

POWER SWITCH™ contains several key ingredients that are clinically proven to increase energy, focus, alertness, strength, power, speed and reduce lactic acid.

The key is the precise blend of effectively dosed ingredients that POWER SWITCH™ contains.

Firstly, POWER SWITCH™ will noticeably increase your energy, elevate your mood and enhance your motivation. It will provide you with laser like focus to get the job done.

Secondly, you might also notice a slight flushing and tingling of your skin. This is normal and you shouldn’t be concerned as it should subside quickly.

Finally, the most noticeable benefits of POWER SWITCH™ is the increased pumps and enhanced strength during training. This increased blood flow is created from the addition of vasodilators.

It may help deliver more nutrients and critical hormones necessary for protein synthesis (muscle development).

Vasodilators are defined as nutrients that enhance blood flow by releasing NO2 to relax the endothelium (lining) of the arteries.

When elevated, these vasodilators signal many processes in the body that lead to enhanced muscle protein synthesis, faster recovery and reduced lactic acid.

POWER SWITCH™ contains 3,000mg of Citrulline Malate and 2,000mg of Beta Alanine to boost NO2 production creating incredible PUMPS.

POWER SWITCH™ contains a powerful blend of stimulants that may increase HR and BP. If you have a high BP or HR or are on medication for either, you should avoid using POWER SWITCH™ until you have cleared it with your health care provider.


There is 320mg of Caffeine per serve. This is equivalent to over 3 cups of coffee. Keep in mind there are other stimulants contained in POWER SWITCH™ so you should always test your tolerance with no more than ½ a serve initally.

POWER SWITCH™ has a concentrated blend of natural amino acids, herbs and synthetic ingredients perfectly formulated for the best result possible.

We recommend a maximum of 1 serving a day. We always suggest starting with ½ a serve and building up. We also recommend you have 1 to 2 days every week off stimulants entirely to reset your sensitivity. On these 1 - 2 days, we recommend using ADRENAL SWITCH™ 2 – 3 times daily to help reset and support your adrenal health.

Power Switch does contain a small amount of Sucrolose. While we do not normally support this type of sweetener the high quality of this product has resulted in us offering to the public to purchase at your discretion. The manufacturer is also moving towards a more natural form of sweetener at some stage.

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Power Switch - Pre workout - By Switch Nutrition

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