ATP Science - NOWAY Body Balance Protein
NOWAY BODYBALANCE™ Protein has excellent bioavailability and bio-efficacy  - BUY 2 AND SAVE 

NOWAY BODYBALANCE™ is a unique combination of bioactive dietary peptides (very absorbable protein) from hydrolysed bovine collagen.


What this means to you is that you will be taking the most biologically available protein, which has been already broken down in a vastly superior absorbable form to target your muscles for maximum growth. The bioactive peptides do not need to be digested further and are absorbed intact and delivered to your muscles where they work like a ‘lock and key’ to induce a specific function. The peptides then are broken down to release the amino acids at the target site. Studies have found that you can achieve 3 x more muscle growth than whey, 2.5 x more fat loss than whey and 3.75 x more muscle power than whey.

BODYBALANCE® is a specific combination of bioactive dietary peptide from hydrolysed bovine collagen.
BODYBALANCE® is made using a unique process recreating a digestive process with specific acids and enzymes capable of making a specific functioning blend.
Every batch of BODYBALANCE® is tested to confirm the presence and activity of the specific peptides to ensure efficacy and consistency.
NOWAY BODYBALANCE ™ is made of specific functioning dietary peptides. It is not just a protein food
What makes NOWAY BODYBALANCE ™ different to other hydrolysed collagen, whey or vegetable protein supplements is that the collagen has been made by recreating a digestive process with specific acids controlling pH and enzymes to cleave amino acid chains at specific points to make a bioactive peptide.
Once it enters the gut no further digestion is needed and the full peptide is absorbed and is functional.
This allows the NOWAY BODYBALANCE ™ food to function like a powerful tool like a drug, medicine or active botanical compound in its own right before the amino acids are liberated from the peptide to be available as building blocks necessary for the required job instigated by the functional peptide.
This is the difference between supplying functional protein that forces change and supplying protein and aminos to make up your protein portion of your macros. With other proteins, the building blocks may or may not be used and they just add to the pool to be picked up and used as part of normal processes.

But this is not simply a great form of protein. Remember, whey is good but collagen protein is better. Were you aware that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body? 30-40% of all the protein in your body is made of collagen² NOWAY BODYBALANCE™ is a hydrolyzed collagen protein, meaning it feeds the 30-40% of your body protein Whey barely touches, as well as the other 60-70%. This means better results, and given the hours you spend in the gym each week, you deserve them.
Did you know that less than 10% of your skeletal muscle mass is made up of collagen yet, 30% of your strength and power comes from this collagenous connective tissue? If it is power and performance that you are after, then you need to feed your collagen.
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ATP Science - NOWAY Body Balance Protein

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