-16% ATP Science - Block E3

Block E3 is a shaping cream specifically formulated to estrogen dominant fatty areas like hips, tummy, thighs, bottom and chest. The net result is:

  • an improved appearance of regional fat deposits that cause gynaecomastia in men (‘man boobs’)
  • an improved appearance of isolated pockets of fat on hips and buttocks in women and men
  • a secret weapon used by bodybuilders and physique models for pre-comp sculpting
  • a specifically formulated cream for tightening, smoothing and firming unsightly fat deposits


  • increases fat deposits and accumulation in isolated regions (pictured below)
  • the creation of an estrogen dominant body shape (pictured below)
  • an increased inter-muscular fat thereby reducing muscle definition
  • a reduced muscle mass and decrease muscle fibre size

Block E3 contains 3 effective synergistic ingredients to combat estrogen dominance. Block E3 is designed to work locally on regional fat deposits and breast tissue and not systemically. Block E3 is specifically designed to work on isolated pockets of fat and breast tissue.

One of the great challenges in medicine is getting the drug/nutrient/herb to the area where it is needed. E3 Blocker deals with this by delivering its active ingredients straight to where it is needed. As mentioned, taking some agents orally isn’t the best way to take them. ATP Science have take this problem seriously and have developed products like Block E3 which directly targets the area. 

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ATP Science - Block E3

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