ATP Science - Alpha Venus

Alpha Venus was made for women.

Alpha Venus can help you feel better and look better and improve the hormonal fluctuations that drive weight gain in the form of fluid and fat.

Estrogen is an essential hormone for health and wellness in both men and women; but you can get too much of a good thing.

Estrogen holds subcutaneous fat and fluid in these areas

  • hips
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • breasts and chest
  • backs of the arms
  • love handles
  • lower back
  • lower abdomen
  • poor muscle mass and quality
  • poor muscle definition
  • excessive subcutaneous and intramuscular fat

It is important to understand that it is essential for health and wellness to allow the body to make and use endogenous Estrogen (endogenous Estrogen is the term used for Estrogen made by our body) for healthy bodily functions and general maintenance. However, after Estrogen has done its job, it must be cleared efficiently so as to not accumulate. Any xenEstrogens (Estrogen and EDC’s endocrine disrupting chemicals from outside our body i.e. pollutants, plastics etc.) and exogenous Estrogens (Estrogen supplemented from outside our body i.e. HRT, bio-identical hormones) must also be effectively eliminated to prevent accumulation.

The elimination pathways can determine the fate of this Estrogen and whether it can be converted to a beneficial form of Estrogen that protects women from Estrogen dominant disease states; or if it is converted to a more toxic form of Estrogen that accumulates and contributes to the negative health implications of Estrogen dominance.

Check out the team at ATP Science for even more details on Estrogen and it's effects on the body. 

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ATP Science - Alpha Venus

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