-58% X50 - High Protein - Egg White Omelette
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Never before seen - X50 High Protein Egg White Omelette is the instant breakfast you’ve been waiting for!

Want a quick and easy meal without the fuss?

With the X50 instant omelette mix you can have all the nutritional benefits of an egg-white omelette in less than half the time.

Naturally low in calories and cholesterol, one serve of our High Protein Egg White Omelette is rich in B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and sodium, a great source of fibre and equivalent to the protein of four egg whites. Research shows that egg white protein also may help to reduce blood pressure.

The first of its kind! With this never before seen product, they have taken what nature creates and adapted it to suit an active lifestyle. The X50 High Protein Egg White Omelette is delicious cheese and chive flavour, plus all natural ingredients for that unbeatable taste.

  • Amazing cheese and chive flavour
  • One serve contains the equivalent protein of four egg whites
  • 20g protein per serve from egg albumin (egg white)
  • Quick, easy, no mess
  • Light & fluffy plus great natural taste
  • No refrigeration! Powder base for easy storage and active lifestyle
  • Macro Profile: 20P 4F 10C
  • Low fat, 97% sugar free


Mix 1 ½ scoops with 80mL cold water. Pour mixture into greased or non-stick heated frying pan. Heat until evenly cooked, folding over before serving.

Try X50 High Protein Egg White Omelette for a sustaining breakfast or extra protein-rich snack. Way more satisfying than carbs, will keep you feeling fuller for longer and stop you from extra snacking! Add chicken or your favourite vegetables for an extra boost of nutrients or to take that protein hit even further. We love them with mushrooms, spinach and capsicum!

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X50 - High Protein - Egg White Omelette

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