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Alpha Prime has been formulated to improve estrogen to androgen ratio for the purpose of manipulating body shape and metabolism.
Increasing the androgen: estrogen ratio enhances fat loss whilst increasing lean muscle mass.  
This is achieved via the following actions:
  • Detoxify estrogen
  • Block estrogen excess at receptor site
  • Boost anabolic androgens – Free Testosterone, DHEA and progesterone
  • Reduce catabolic cortisol from stress

Excess estrogen can make more of your bits wobble. Alpha Prime is the old Alpha Venus it is great for both guys and girls. Girls might choose Alpha Prime over Alpha Venus if they want the effects of Tonkat Ali.  If you would like to find out what real people are saying about Alpha Prime go to the ATP Science Facebook page or search  #alphaprime on Instagram.

Find out more about the signs and symptoms of excess Estrogen, discover a detox strategy at ATP Science

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ATP Science - Alpha Prime

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