Our next 4 weeks 4 You - Better Health Challenge will start on Sunday August 25th



The Male and Female to lose the most Body Fat and Visceral Fat during the month of September will both WIN $200 Cash!

*Participants must be signed up to the $97 package to participate as we will need Inbody composition data to determine our winner.
Those not local to Bendigo can still be in the running if they source a Body Scan in their local area when signing up for the $47 package.

Are you tired of weight loss and fitness challenges where you are made to drink meal replacement shakes every day?

Are you tired of restricting calories to nothing, cooking multiple different meals at dinner time just to accommodate a generic meal plan you were given?

We are!!

4 Weeks 4 You is a Four week program designed to help you make real life changes to improve your health and fitness.

It is a program that is designed to put yourself first, make small changes at a time and make changes that you can incorporate into the life of your whole family...yay!

There are no diet shakes or meal plans you will hate. Yes this means we need to help you find recipe ideas and you need to get into the kitchen and get cooking lol. But this is because there is no easy and quick fix.

Long term weight loss and improvements to your health don't happen with meal plans because people get sick of them or don't follow them properly.

You also end up cooking yourself a different meal to the rest of the family each night because your family has no interest in following your meal plan...who has time for that?

From this program you are joining a community of like minded people who want to make positive changes to their health and fitness and feeling good about yourself.

You will receive support, guidance and real life ideas to implement into your life that the whole family can benefit from.
There are no lock in contracts just sign up and follow through the 4 week cycle. You can cancel at the end of the 4 weeks or stay on for longer and enjoy the workouts, food inspo, and positive support you will receive.

The program is designed to give you the tools to continue on without us. To provide you with the motivation needed to kick start healthier habits. 
Most importantly its designed for YOU...to encourage you to put yourself first.
Find your WHY and learn to love yourself and make changes in your life that will feel positive rather than a drain.

So what do I get if I sign up.....

- You will get access to our exclusive group Face Book page for 4 weeks. All information will be delivered via the facebook page and will give you the best possibility to learn and grow with your community.

- A new workout to keep you busy 5 days per week. All workouts could be done from home however you can also do them in a gym. All workouts will be modifiable for people just starting out or the intensity could be increased for those who are already working out.

- Access to trainers to ask question any time you need.

- Recipe ideas and tips ... each month you join you still have access to all of the recipes included in past months

- New activities each day for reflection and self improvement so we can learn about ourselves along the way and make the changes in our lives we are keen to see.

- A supportive Community of like minded people making positive changes and providing positive support to one another.

- Prizes and incentives during the 4 weeks to encourage you to stay on track 

- If your goal is weight loss you will see weight loss at the end of the challenge if you are committed to stick with the program for the 4 weeks.....this should then lead to maintaining those changes to maintain your weightloss for a lifetime.

- Ongoing discounts at Supplement Your Health to use on wholefoods, healthfoods and supplements to assist you on your journey.

- You will get out of this program as much as you put in.

Extra addition in Package 2 only 

A Complete body composition scan at the commencement and conclusion of your 4 weeks. This will give you the most accurate gauge as to whether the changes you have made in your life are working for or against you. It's not always about the number on the scale!

The body composition  scan allows us to see what you are really made of and measure your Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat (the bad stuff around your organs), Protein levels, Minerals, Bone Mineral, Circumference measurements, hydration and much more.

(This inclusion is for package 1 participants only and you must be able to have your scan at our bendigo location)

What you won't get: (If these are things you want then this is not the program for you.)

- There are no meal plans

- There are no diet shakes 

- No supplement packages - (while we will provide you with a discount code and face to face advice about all things related to supplements we won't provided you with a generic supplement package at the start of your challenge like others do. This is because we are all individual and all require different things to help us depending on our current lifestyle and dietary requirements. There is no one size fits all answer)

- You won't be forced to sign up for a long term contract or recurring subscriptions.

- You won't be forced to share your before and after photos however if you choose to share your successes we will be there to cheer you on.

Intake Dates to commence 4 weeks 4 You - Better Health Challenge during 2019 are:

25th August 2019
29th September 2019
27th October 2019
24th November 2019 - Last intake for 2019

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4 Week Access package

All of the content, 24/7 support, 1 on 1 help if you need it.

NO lock in contracts, join from anywhere in the world!

PACKAGE 2 - $97

4 Week Access package + 2 Complete Body Composition Scans

(must be local to Bendigo to have your Body Scan completed)

Click here to secure a spot in our next 4 week challenge

A very small sample of some of the delicious food the group has been making and eating.

All recipes are available via the facebook group page.


What current Challenge Participants are saying...

"I've learnt so much just in the first 2 weeks".... Jade

"Loving the Meal Prep posts and Inspiration"....Manda

"I'm loving the workouts each day"...Jodie

"I would just like to say this group is so supportive and helpful".... Kylie

Some amazing Before and After photos from some of our participants.

It is possible to see change in just 4 to 6 weeks and it is absolutely possible to make changes to your lifestyle in that period of time and for them to be maintained for a lifetime.
Those pictured below all showed a consistent approach to eating health food and avoiding refined sugars. Maintaining an 80/20 rule to allow themselves to still enjoy nights out with their friends and families. They also adopted consistent exercise during their challenge.
Individual results will vary from person to person however if you are honest with yourself about the food you eat and make small changes along the way you will see results in physical appearance and mental health :)